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Movie:KuruviCast:Vijay,Trisha,Vivek,SumanWith a storyline as old as Tamil Cinema, Vijay and Dharani have preached us Gandhigiri through their second outing Kuruvi.Close your eyes to bad-close your eyes whenever Vijay starts fighting.
Shut your ears from the bad-shut your ears when Vijay starts speaking his punch dialogues.
Close your mouth from speaking bad-don't question the logic factor in the film.If you take a lot of MGR movies mix it with Ranji's movies(mainly Sivaji) and Dharani's previous ventures and fill them in the narration style of Gilli, Eureka you get Kuruvi.The story is about Vijay-a car racer[ who can travel from Triplicane to Sriperumbudur in 5 mins], in quest to get back the money that was due from Malaysia, finds about the secret behind his father's sudden disappearance and how he brings back his father after solving his problem as an one man army forms the rest of the story.If one is able to forgive the flawed screenplay and fight sequences, Kuruvi is…


Movie: Tashan
Cast: Akshay, Kareena, Anil Kapoor, Saif

This was published in NXg - The Hindu
Are the audiences becoming intelligent, or the script writers are unwilling to think out of the tested formula? This is what one asks after watching Tashan. The plot goes like this. Kareena uses Saif, a call centre employee, who happens to teach English for Don Anil Kapoor, to steal his money. Anil calls Akshay, a local gunda, to get back the money and finish them. Akshay is the only saving grace in the movie which is nothing more than an old wine in a new bottle. Akshay manages to make you laugh and enjoy throughout. He could have avoided the gravity and bullets defying stunts. Saif has nothing much to do and doesn't make use of the few chances he gets. Except skin show, Kareena has nothing else to offer. Anil kapoor tries to make us laugh but ends up making fool of him. You can't avoid noticing similarities between Tashan and Dhoom-2 , which again was a forgettable movie. Cinematograph…