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Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya

Director: Gautham Vasudev Menon
Karthik starts his film explaining with philosophical mindset about the girl he happened to meet and his journey with her, but only at the end of Gautham’s film do we get to know that he has not tried to understand his girl, rather he has gotten used to her. Call it male chauvinism or not, Gautham has created a mature character named Karthik, a guy who could empathize this girl Jessi whilst not forgoing his prestige even for her; at the expense of making her mad (in Karthik’s words) and elder to her, ridiculing the fact (?) that girls are more mature than guy’s of their age.Starting from Jessi mouthing “mannipaya” whenever chance arises (even though that’s the theme song and not VTV) till making her speaks lines which any guy will want a girl to speak & lines which they would have seen girls speak but never understood, Gautham has potrayed Jessi as what a guy considers to be the complex mind of the girl and there in lies the only flaw of this well in…

My Name Is Khan

Director: Karan JoharStarting with the humming of “tum paas aye” at the beginning, slowly shifting to a serious mode with clever shots of a disabled protagonist that Karan had mastered through the benchmarking characterization of SRK in KANK, MNIK jumps directly into the story of a man on a mission, without attaching any frills (even the credits are pushed to the end of the film). What starts as a mission to make a statement: “My name is Khan & I am not a terrorist”, and lets freeze it at this stage; seems to follow the path of Forrest Gump (& others) telling the tale of Rizwan Khan traveling unfazed by test of time and that of nature. He either moves us with his innocence in those situations or entertains us with his witty lines as he narrates his past every time he thinks of Mandhira.Playing a man who couldn’t stand his name being mispronounced, SRK portrays Rizwan deftly with his quivering laugh. Even though it’s about a person suffering from Autism, the movie doesn’t becom…