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a welcome change from the so called psycho-thrillers n horror movies which end up being pathetic.
sivi shows tamil film's so called talented directors how to handle a thriller. this debutant has taken a tested path of ghost movies n handled wid care.

the movie revolves around 3 characters krishna, sona and nandhini... krishna-a photograher n sona are lovers. while returnin home from a party in car they hit a girl. fearing the consequences they leave the spot. later krishna while takin pictures in a programme finds out all d pics have some strange white shades... after few incidents the lead pair realizes some paranormal presence. whn they go after the clues given by the ghost ;secrets of the past of krishna is revealed n the rest of the story revolves around how krishna's past troubles the 3 peoples life n how he faces it.

freshness is seen in most of the frames and the main credit goes to the cinematographer. if one says he/she was scared seein this film its because of the ang…

Satham Podathey

what can i say to vasanth? should i applaud him for daring to go differently or criticize him for not doing his home work?.

here goes the story. padmapriya is married to nitin sathya. later its revealed to her through naseer he is addicted to alcohol n is undergoin treatment for it, n due to alcohol he becomes they adopt a child.but nitin becomes insecure and develops inferiority complex. this leads to harassment.after divorce padma's bro's friend prthiviraj sees and after few deliberation she gives in they end up in wedlock. the possessive nitin knows of this and takes revenge by kidnaping her. she keeps her in a sound proof room[?] as house arrest whilst prithviraj is doin the last rituals for her. rest of the movie revolves around how he gets his love back.

to be open with i donno what was in vasanth's mind when he started directing the movie? he has done a great job with the screenplay n all the scenes : each frame looks so beautiful and engrossing in paper…

Ratatouille : Rat-a-too-ee

after u see a movie u feel elated,anguished r angry. but 4 the 1st time after seein a movie i felt hungry :P

ratatouille is all about food. its about an outcast named remy in a rat colony who aspires to become a cook.his role model is gusteau the greatest cook in paris. by some turn of events he is separated 4rm his family n finds himself in paris under the kitchen of gesteau's restaurant.
there a gargbage collector accidently turns chef whn ppl mistake him to be the cook who made a fabulous soup which was actually prepared by remy. the little chef helps linguini become a great chef by directing him like a puppet to make all those mouth watery dishes. its later revealed tht he is the son of the great gusteau. thus he becomes the owner of the restaurant.the rest of the story revolves around how the pair wins over the toughest critic in paris and gettin the prestigious 5stars.

everything about the movie is so pleasant n nice tht u dont mind the minor cliche if u find any.
the screenplay…