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Ratatouille : Rat-a-too-ee

after u see a movie u feel elated,anguished r angry. but 4 the 1st time after seein a movie i felt hungry :P

ratatouille is all about food. its about an outcast named remy in a rat colony who aspires to become a cook.his role model is gusteau the greatest cook in paris. by some turn of events he is separated 4rm his family n finds himself in paris under the kitchen of gesteau's restaurant.
there a gargbage collector accidently turns chef whn ppl mistake him to be the cook who made a fabulous soup which was actually prepared by remy. the little chef helps linguini become a great chef by directing him like a puppet to make all those mouth watery dishes. its later revealed tht he is the son of the great gusteau. thus he becomes the owner of the restaurant.the rest of the story revolves around how the pair wins over the toughest critic in paris and gettin the prestigious 5stars.

everything about the movie is so pleasant n nice tht u dont mind the minor cliche if u find any.
the screenplay has been shaped up wid no loopholes visible n hardwork is noticeable in every frame!especially watch the scene whn remy n his brother are bein hunted by the land lady. its a master piece. the frames in those chase scenes are so eye catchy tht u forget tht u r watchin an animation movie. the scenes where the character feel n sense the various taste of food are captured so vividly tht u can taste them in ur taste buds. the scenes between tatou n linguini are so lively n romantic u feel happy for the pair. comedy is blended intelligently wid each scene of the movie that ur face is ever smiling. note the scene whn linguini is practing how 2 coordinate wid remy in cooking: it brings the house down big time. and wat to say of the climax!! .... such brilliance.
who would have thought such a serious person like anton ego be so touched by the food he tastes he goes back 2 his childhood n remembers his mothers handmade food. its shear master touch.

everything was perfect but bird must forget tht he is the director of incredibles coz many scenes especially the chases scenes remind u of the brilliant action scenes in incrediles. to top it the background score 4 these scenes also sound similar.

on the whole its a complete family entertainment in typical pixar style which nowadays followin indian style of film makin wid increasing concentration on sentiments rather than emotions.

rating :4/5


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