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Kattradhu Tamizh

1st thing ppl should get after watching this movie is tht they should realise this is not a psycho thriller.its about a man fed of being looked down upon as one who is a tamil literate,a person who cant control his anger,who cant swallow the fact tht the world is not recognising talents.

a normal review cant be given for such a am going on a diff path now.

the script writters have proven tht stories doesnt make a movie : only a large amt of good incidents which are linked intelligently make a good movie. the film has ample dosage of great moments. a scene neednot have great dialogue or great locations or mamooth sets ot make it memorable.for example look for scene where the hero n heroine travel in a jeep where she rests her head on him n on the background comes illayaraja's voice"mudal murai vazha tudikidhe". if u think romantic scene only make cherish able moments;then look for the scene where jeeva says "killing is like intercourse,the shear ecstasy u get …