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Kattradhu Tamizh

1st thing ppl should get after watching this movie is tht they should realise this is not a psycho thriller.its about a man fed of being looked down upon as one who is a tamil literate,a person who cant control his anger,who cant swallow the fact tht the world is not recognising talents.

a normal review cant be given for such a am going on a diff path now.

the script writters have proven tht stories doesnt make a movie : only a large amt of good incidents which are linked intelligently make a good movie. the film has ample dosage of great moments. a scene neednot have great dialogue or great locations or mamooth sets ot make it memorable.for example look for scene where the hero n heroine travel in a jeep where she rests her head on him n on the background comes illayaraja's voice"mudal murai vazha tudikidhe". if u think romantic scene only make cherish able moments;then look for the scene where jeeva says "killing is like intercourse,the shear ecstasy u get on pressin the trigger is out of the world" it shows raw cunningness.

the main point thts discussed in the movies is distraction faced by common man.look for the scene where jeeva abuses a girl who wears a t-shirt wid the caption 'touch here if u dare!'. it shows the plit of youngsters being distracted due to modern dress.

a single dialogue can show the character of a person & its transition. this is used marvelously here.the dialogue here is " nejama thaan solriya?" whn the heroine after turning into a prostitute says this to the hero & immdtly he remembers the same dialogue said by her in various phases of her life in reverse mode shows the graph of her character. though tamilzh m.a. was the original title the present 1 is more apt here as it shows a person who is a tamil graduate slowly realises the state of his passion n its respect n recognition in the society. the scene where jeeva does the household work of a headmaster 2 get a job as teacher in tht school while yuvan plays tamizh thai vazhthu in the background is pure intelligence.

ppl tend to think the protagonist has turned psyhco. but the director shows he is mature in many scenes like forgivin his lady love 4 bein a prostitute & accepts her whn she says his fav dialogue " nejama thaan solriya?" .though its obsession it shows pure love. the protagonist is a person who slips a bit & goes on a killing spree whn provoked n in the later stage realize his mistake. the murder he commits are shear ecstasy for him as he thinks he is able to control the ppl who had looked down upon him. this becomes an addiction for him & like drug addicts cant stop their bad habit n struggles he also does.

ppl who are reading this would think y am i saying all the +ves n not the -ves, well there aren't any in significant amt n the the -ves actually are intended to help ppl who cant understand this complex script enjoy the film.

kattradhu tamizh : a feather in tamil fim industry's cap!



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