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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part I

Director: David Yates

Harry Potter movies have been charming us from beginning of this millennium. With each passing year comes a film from the Potter stable, and with each film the movie experience has slowly but steadily stepped outside the shadow of their novels’ as the search for a better experiences continues in different dimension (of which 3D shouldn't have been a part though). There used to be the smug in the faces of the child artists that they are doing magic: there was even a dialogue in part 4 where Harry declares I love magic with an artificial smile that was so out of sync and cringe worthy. Performances apart, the screenplay was always weaved around the book with dire importance only for passing along all that was written in the book. Where was the setting, the aesthetics, the nuance, the wittiness? Oh there was wittiness all right- but it manifested the formulistic approach they took while writing. From part 5 there was a sea-change in the approach to tell the stor…