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Love Sex aur Dokha

Director: Dibakar Banerjee
Remember the time you tried capturing those sultry eyes of your girlfriend with your phone, remember the time when a cherubic girl walk past you and your hand reaches out to freeze that heart breaking moment forever, remember the time you secretly filmed the “you know what” of “you know who” from the top floor of a mall, remember the time you were bent upon to download any video that starts with the “hot school girl …” “Indian girl …” to splash out your pent up emotions; an act of voyeurism, remember the time you were glued to the idiot box with wide eyes at the 5 minute coition of a long haired man draped (or rather not) in crimson red cloth with a so called “unholy” actress for 500hrs; now look at a collection of clips which peeps into the life of those people who were part of those videos through the same camera which entertained the eyes of the million you’s. As inviting as it sounds “Love Sex aur Dokha” touches upon various genres in literally candid man…