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Director: Prabhu DevaCast: Vijay, NayantharaNo wonder Prabhu deva gives vijay a superman kind of introduction in Villu, because be it flying in air, planting bombs as easily as blinking the eye, riding jet boats and aircrafts and finally raising from deep sand after death to avenge the antagonists, Vijay does everything.Prabhu is also not far behind; from writing gibberish B-grade comedy track to lifting every scene in the movie from some movie or the other, Prabhu tries everything. He even surpasses Vijay with the faith cum sentiment cum fantasy cum utter stupid climax projecting Vijay as the son of the soil.Story-wise like any Vijay film there is nothing to mention. The formula adapted by MGR half a century back and followed by Rajini later in being the chauvinistic youth who molests the heroine in every manner possible till she falls in love with him is used here too. Even the dialogues used to boast Vijay's image throughout the movie are lifted from various Rajini movies. Few …