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Yavarum Nalam

Director: Vikram
Cast: Madhavan

Even with bizarre logics and clich├ęs you can win over the audience, if you are in good command over the script: Vikram proves this with his Yavarum Nalam, a part horror and part thriller movie. Be it the standard flashback or the usual twists or the standard spine chillers like close up shots of eyes, sudden knock on door, dog seeing spirits, photos going haywire- Yavarum Nalam has good dosage of everything that a thriller usually shows, yet somewhere down the line falls short, due to the lack of creativity which the concept offers.

The story is about how Manoj (R. Madhavan) tackles the situation, when spirits take control of machineries in his new flat. Vikram shows brilliance with the way he embeds humour in scenes which also scares you. His mark continues in the way he shows Manoj handling the troubles caused by the spirits as a part of his routine. He should also be applauded for not showing spirits in masked gory faces and also for avoiding darknes…