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Delhi 6

Director: Rakesh Mehra

Cast: Abhisekh Bachan, Rishi Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor

Landing into a third world thanks to his grand mother, Roshan (Abhisek) a NRI born to hindu and muslim parents, narrates the journey within that he travels to accept a Nation for what it is, when he encounters various shades of real India and finally to give back the backward nation the lessons he learnt.

Rakesh Mehra creates a mesmerizing screenplay by treating this linear story with a non- linear narrative style which travels parallel to the vanavash phase of ramayan being played for the locals, with the former intercepting with the latter at regular intervals and then adding multiple layers to the story by showcasing communal and emotional clashes that breaks out for pointless and oddest of all causes in which the protagonist unknowingly gets involved, due to the preconceived notion or plain immaturity of the average man living in this part of the world.

Having created such a complex script, Rakesh smoothly commu…

Naan Kadavul

Director: Bala

Cast: Aarya, Pooja

Spell binding, captivating, haunting, exhilarating and outlandishly gory sums up Naan Kadavul; yet another master-piece by Bala. Handling a film that deals with three issues and giving equal importance to each of them while linking them to form a riveting screenplay with out the audience being bored is no less a mammoth task in which Bala succeeds but only after taking ample cinematic liberties. It takes immense strength to handle certain sequences that Bala exhibits in this documented drama; one being the introduction sequence of the physically challenged; he hits you hard on the face with the way he projects the harsh reality. Bala should also be applauded for touching many a controversial topics from who & where is God to the third eye of Shiva and finally to I am God.

All said if you analyse all Bala movies one cant but deny that the central theme remains the same in all of them: An outcast, who is made to believe he is more than human brought in…