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Delhi 6

Director: Rakesh Mehra

Cast: Abhisekh Bachan, Rishi Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor

Landing into a third world thanks to his grand mother, Roshan (Abhisek) a NRI born to hindu and muslim parents, narrates the journey within that he travels to accept a Nation for what it is, when he encounters various shades of real India and finally to give back the backward nation the lessons he learnt.

Rakesh Mehra creates a mesmerizing screenplay by treating this linear story with a non- linear narrative style which travels parallel to the vanavash phase of ramayan being played for the locals, with the former intercepting with the latter at regular intervals and then adding multiple layers to the story by showcasing communal and emotional clashes that breaks out for pointless and oddest of all causes in which the protagonist unknowingly gets involved, due to the preconceived notion or plain immaturity of the average man living in this part of the world.

Having created such a complex script, Rakesh smoothly communicates the emotions and the transition that the protagonists undergo be it visually or symbolically (dil gira dafaten sequence), but fails to communicate with effective dialogues. He also fails to use naïve situations or at least intelligent examples (seeing God through mirror) to preach the message he sets out to tell, hence ending up showing an assemblage of characters representing each aspect of old Delhi all depicted in a mockery manner who influence (rather left for the audience to assume to be influential) the protagonist to first hate the Nation and then suddenly love it.

Rakesh do succeed in comical depiction of the two ends of the nation (the news channel episode) and also the present stature of woman through the characters of Bitto (Sonam) and wife of the rich old man.

Had the screenplay been less jumpy and the message handled better, this technically brilliant movie could have been a great movie.

Rating: 2½ / 5


workhard said…
Hey.. i heard the movie was a flop.. still havent watched it...

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mr.weirdo!! said…
ya.. it was a collosial flop... it was a poor story told in a complex manner attempting to make us think but end up being idiotic...

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