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Director: K.V.Anand
Cast: Suriya, Prabhu

Take a story which deals about smart smuggling, but this has to reach the masses so cast the hottest stars in the town and make them prance in glamorous outfits, do breath-taking stunts, add sentiments and finally flavour it with bawdy comedy which borders chauvinism; but then the script is about smart smuggling, so lets add science say chemistry facts in to it; for this to be believed the hero has to be educated so lets make him do MSc. Comp. sci., but isn’t he a smuggler? Then let’s make him do distant education. Will the audience accept this? Then for their sake, let’s make him speak madras slang in two scenes and peter english in another two scenes. The screenplay has to be tight- then let the audience think that the bad guy out smart our hero every half an hour and at the end of those scenes by flash back technique we show who is the smartest. Isn’t this script heavy for the audience? Then let’s add a revenge angle to the story line by kil…