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3 idiots

Director: Rajkumar HiraniIt’s not without reason that people say Engineers make the world; and Raju Hirani proves just that in his recent offering with the well engineered script. Well engineered script because a lie that Rancho conjures up in a wedding, which one would have thought to be just a “meant for laugh” geeky thing, actually becomes a major part in the climax. It doesn’t matter if you feel, it is far fetched, but what matters is what they have intended to say through that – demonstration of practical application of engineering. Like how Rancho tells Pia often that, she needs demo all the time to understand things. And that is what Raju attempts to sneak into the film, extending Chetan’s writing to a whole new level without losing the balance between fun and seriousness. This balance is evident with the way he demarcates the characters without making them caricatures. And if he does bring in caricature it is to tickle the funny bone with the ode to the yore evoking a Manmohan…