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Director: Peter BergCast: Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason BatemanHancock is one of the movies that everyone desperately wants to like. But however we try at some point of time we give up on it, owing to its poor packaging.The movie has a great plot; never ever tried, supported by one of the best in their business. Hancock is a superhero with all great powers but lacks discipline and social interest. Hence even though he tries to save people it ends up affecting others. In a twist he is helped by Ray Embrey become a better person. What happens after the people like him forms the rest of the plot.The story has a lot of twists that might have looked astounding in paper but on screen they bore us; full credit for this mistake goes to the screenplay department. The graphics are not bad but they are expected to be very good. Will smith looks better as a dysfunctional superhero than as a reformed person. The only scene that takes us by surprise is when Mary Embery; wife of Ray Embrey, be…