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Wasn't Baba better?

Cast: Pasupathy, Meena, Rajinikanth
Director: P.Vasu
Kuselan proves yet again that a film need not be good if it has the best technicians and actors. Re-make of a Malayalam classic, Kuselan has nothing to offer except the face of the Super Star (SS). What should have been an emotional drama of a poor man, who happens to be the friend of SS, turns out to be the trailer of an enigma called Rajini.
Pasupathy is a struggling barber, who was the best friend of the SS in his school days. What happens after the SS comes for shooting to his town forms the crux of the story.
Uniqueness is the forte of Kuselan: People who don't have food to eat, wear brand new dresses; houses and even ground-well made of cardboard; women only interested in showing their assets; children mocking their father and asking him how he can be happy in spite of being a loser; mothers running Christian institutions defaming their religion by being interested in money and fame; a film crew suppose…