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Its not OK OK

In a scene in OK OK, the latest blockbuster from Rajesh & Santhanam combo, the heroine driven by the insults that her ex showers her with throughout the film, calls upon him to a restaurant where she is going to meet a guy fixed by her parents. But the guy turns out to be an even worse douche bag who pounces at every chance to insult her for her overweight. As expected, she tears him apart only to be mocked again by her ex for her pathetic state. It isn’t a one off scene. In another scene later in the film, the hero along with his guy-soul mate trashes her beyond any permissible limit inside an airplane where she is an airhostess. Am not going to lie here that I didn’t laugh for few of the gags they pulled off. But while I was squirming in my seats seeing how the girl was treated by her ex, all in the name of humour, I was feeling that the other douche bag was way better. At least he had the guts to call a stick a stick (read log), instead of sneaking in insults after insults at s…