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Its not OK OK

In a scene in OK OK, the latest blockbuster from Rajesh & Santhanam combo, the heroine driven by the insults that her ex showers her with throughout the film, calls upon him to a restaurant where she is going to meet a guy fixed by her parents. But the guy turns out to be an even worse douche bag who pounces at every chance to insult her for her overweight. As expected, she tears him apart only to be mocked again by her ex for her pathetic state. It isn’t a one off scene. In another scene later in the film, the hero along with his guy-soul mate trashes her beyond any permissible limit inside an airplane where she is an airhostess. Am not going to lie here that I didn’t laugh for few of the gags they pulled off. But while I was squirming in my seats seeing how the girl was treated by her ex, all in the name of humour, I was feeling that the other douche bag was way better. At least he had the guts to call a stick a stick (read log), instead of sneaking in insults after insults at someone with whom he is going to share the rest of his life. This male chauvinism extends to the father of the hero as well, only to be stopped miraculously when his wife disappears one fine evening. Even there, the minute the father realizes his mistake, the mother embraces him without a winch of self-respect, as if it was her destiny to tolerate all that pain for 25 long years.

It isn’t that I enjoy only those meaningful films that satiate the grey matter. I immensely enjoyed SMS (again by the same duo) which was trashed for promoting male chauvinism (while this movie wasn’t). The point which I think drew me towards SMS was because the director-comedian duo along with Jiiva were smart enough to draw a balance between comedy and insult. Even during the fag end of the film where the hero harasses her, it was portrayed as harassment unlike in OKOK where it was passed as OK.

Few days back I got a chance to listen to the famous song in the film which elucidates the tribulations of men when a girl enters his life. Though I fumed about the overtly narcissistic idea of the song through a blog post, I thought the movie wouldn’t be like that throughout. But having seen the film, I feel sorry for the director. He or someone in his life should immediately get some help in how to handle rejections from girls and more importantly co-existence with them. While Selvaraghavan keeps revisiting his dark past through his films trying to rebuild his new life out of a broken glass, Rajesh here is revisiting them all only to make fun of the very people who would have thrown him or his loved ones.

Maybe Rajesh will do a lot better if he realizes that his hero doesn’t need a soul mate in the form of a girl to bicker and brawl over. His life is already complete with Santhanam’s character as best friend & we are only interested in seeing the trials of those two. Or if he really insists on the guy girl thing, how captivating it would be if the hero is torn between the love for his guy friend Santhanam, with whom he spent every day  of his life & the love for his girl friend with whom he is going to spend the rest of his life, what with Santhanm & the girl friend scheming against each other - remember all done in humour. Be a little imaginative in your treatment Mr.Rajesh.


Aditya said…
No story as such to speak. Entire film felt like a bunch of unrelated gags and one liners stitched together. Even those felt Predictable &/or Repetitive after a while. The airlines scene even though done in the name of humor gave a over done feel. Hope you didn't spend too much to watch this movie Hari!
harishsram said…
well, i watched it in escape & that shld tell you how much i spent :) As regards to the movie, your words 'Entire film felt like a bunch of unrelated gags and one liners stitched together' sums up what i felt. I feel we will enjoy the movie when it airs on tv or when we see clippings of it. Till then the superbly edited trailer for this movie will always be better than the film.

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