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Director: Mithran Jawahar

Geetha holds Kutty’s hand; not due to fear of thunder, but fearing he will walk out of her life for ever. She holds his hand hoping he will “feel her love” which he has been asking her the whole movie; “feel my love”. If you are game enough to throw your practical mind that love complexities and want to be sucked in by old school of romance and just “feel the love”, Kutty is the movie for you.

With all the trivialities/clichés affixed, Kutty shows how simple love is; even with all the out of the world cinematic difficulties that tries to scratch Kutty’s back, which he kicks like the brick he breaks in the movie (oh yes! Danush is an action hero in this movie – that satisfies the comic element for the movie). The complexity there in lies with how Kutty every time handles or rather defends his one-side love from his lover’s boyfriend and celebrates it with the cult song “feel my love” (Now don’t think this is a complex triangular love story – it is as rip tickling and simple as Kutty’s replies).

If Allu Arjun was portrayed as a chivalrous action hero who serves as a romantic hero too with dance movements and demeanure that set the screen on fire, Danush here carries only the chivalrous part with over enthusiasm, without emulating Allu Arjun and even do away with the suave dance steps. He is only of the few actors who ask people to laugh at him as he falls in a song sequence losing to a small kid, repeatedly gets bombarded to the floor by Aarthi, to name a few; working well to increase the fun factor to the movie.

Remake-wise Jawahar has done a better job than his previous venture. Though comparison between his two outputs is inevitable, it should be borne in mind that their originals were meant for different sect of audience. You will hate, will loathe, will laugh, will smile but ultimately in this 2 ½ hrs odd movie you will at least once, like Kutty queers Geetha in his final confrontation, “feel the love” of Kutty.


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