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Tamizh Padam

Director: C.S. Amudhan

Spoofs are a rare breed of genre films which perfectly recreates the imperfections or cult scenes of other films for us to laugh at it. In Hollywood we have the Scary movies as cult while films like Epic movie end being trash for it only tries hard to make us laugh losing the spontaneity needed for these kinda films. Tamil Padam treads the path between these two with its ingenious concepts and also the forced comedies (mokais).

There is a scene where Shiva, the long lost son of his father Mokai, on learning his family song from Mac book breaks into english pop to meet his estranged family. Needless to say how this scene worked lets look at another scene or rather a concept: a guy gets kidnapped only to be a gift for the lady rowdy on her birthday where we are forced to laugh at the happenings there because in our mind this concept did evoke a smile. This imbalance and the lack of control over the larger picture are the things that reduce the level of this movie.

Wait a second? What am I talking – things like larger picture, intrusions of failed puns and over used gags; who needs all that?; the point that they have made or tried to make fun of something has worked to the direction of this film, letting people tolerate such trivialities to laugh out loud at things we had earlier tolerated or praised. Call it the conditioning of the audience or smart marketing, people wants to enjoy everything about Tamil padham. Who wouldn’t want to, after enjoying the gags, reminiscing the lollu sabha days (also for the standard of mokai that was dished out here), after seeing Shiva in his now trademark facial expression and dialogue delivery killing people in the oddest way possible and trying to justify it with his serious look and the buildup attached to it. This might not look like a complete movie but the experience is what matters. Enjoy before you get bored of it.


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