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Director: Venkat Prabhu

A melancholic hero perplexed as to accept that he indeed has fallen in love, and the aesthetically handled tension that the scenario brings with; a gullible hero (who hasn’t bored you yet with his now clich├ęd mannerism) standing in the backdrop deeply in love with a foreigner (so much he has done, wont he do this also) and coming often with fake buildup but rarely to entertain us genuinely; a colourful hero (note the allegory through the name too) evoking laughter through his mischievous smile (in sync with the cult bgm); a gay couple of which one is detested by infidelity of his partner; as different as characterization could get but the motive remained the same – to entertain us with a serious comedy. But did the team end up succeeding? Oh yes largely. Then what went lacking? Was it because Venkat took the tagline “Venkat Prabhu holiday”, seriously and went vacationing in the sets of “Nanayam”? That could explain the sore throat of sorts twists that comes in the form of Sneha; what with the protagonist of the latter making a special appearance here.

Apart from the cheap parlour tricks in that stretch, the film does feel a tad too long not because of the things happening on screen (as we could understand that a film dealing with four pairs needs those trivial answers as to what is and what had happened to them) but the excessiveness of them. That and the mile long songs interspersed to the movie along with the tiring “kangal irendal” song does test your patience, but if you could take them, then Goa is truly a “Venkat Prabhu holiday”.

My take on Saroja - Venkat's previous venture here


Would someone be kind enough to tell me the song from which the "cult bgm"(thagida thaana thinanana naa) is sourced. I was looking for ages and then i saw on tv one day that it was from a bhagyaraj song. Much to my dismay, they didnt say what the song was called and the song ended before i could catch any of the words. :(

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