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 Go without expectations

Director: Venkat Prabhu


Saroja, the second outing of the team of Chennai-28 is undoubtedly a very good attempt in Tamil cinema, but for a movie which promised to offer more than few smiles it falls short.


Half an hour into the movie and three songs up we can clearly judge the director's intentions: to not make a film which will stand the test of time for it near flawless and perfect script like his previous venture, but a film which covers all its flaws with the humor coated with it.


Story-wise the director took the script of 'Judgement night', mixed it with the concept of our very own 'Anjathey' and finally coated it with lots of nostalgia and humor, not to forget the 'home alone' style climax.


The graph of the film starts from negative and gradually attains great heights near the pre-climax, but falls badly after that. But Premji carries the whole movie on his shoulders to make us forget the negatives. Yet the director could have given more justice to the tagline "heroes are not born, they are made" more effectively like in 'Judgement day'.


Attempting to indianise the script of 'Judgement day', Venkat pumps in unnecessary songs and pointless guest-appearances (though Brahmanadham impresses). It is shear shame that only in Tamil cinema a guy's girlfriend dances obscenely for his accomplices. Of all the songs only "dosh" song jells with the film though all are crafted well. The background score impresses throughout except for the theme chosen for the antagonist. Cinematography and art is shear pleasure to view.


All said about the negatives one can't but appreciate Venkat's skill to grab the attention of the average film-viewer, make him sit throughout the 2 ½ hrs without getting bored. For this one reason alone Saroja is worth the watch.


Verdict: 3stars


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