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Dhaam Dhoom

Director: Jeeva

Jeeva seems to have done the same mistake which his bollywood counterparts are doing: making a sleaze and chic film by compromising the script.

The film has an ages old storyline whose treatment which promises to be different at the beginning fails so badly that you wish they had made a typical Tamil film instead.

Ravi, a doctor by profession leaves for Russia a fortnight before his wedding to attend a medical conference. By circumstance he is trapped there by the local police on the charges of murdering their commissioner's daughter. The rest of the story revolves around how the protagonist succeeds to clear his name.


Few comparison between typical tamil cinema and Dhaam dhoom; the hero instead of singing a dapankuthu sings a rap for his intro, instead of running around the local streets the hero WALKS in the streets of Russia while the police chases him in motorcycle and car.

But don't worry its still is a tamil film, this they prove by making the hero fly in air, take a bullet on the left chest and just walk away; heroine who doesn't even look a bit like a tamil girl; the accused making more public appearance than Obama probably did for his entire election campaign with the only person the police suspects him to be with.

Even though the film has tones of clichés the first half keeps you engrossed. Only in the later part of the film does the director slip with his age old approach. Yet the pace in the film never slips thanks to the technical department. All the actors have performed well, that includes Kanga who in a role which completely doesn't suite her has done it decently baring the poor lip sync.

On the whole a time pass if you don't have anything to do.

Verdict: 2 ½ stars.


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