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Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Kanna, Anil Kapoor, Bipasha Basu ,Katrina
kaif, Sameera Reddy.

On recommendation from a friend I went for this film. What should
have been a great entertainer turned out to be nothing more than a
typical bollywood film of the 70s.

The film opens with Saif meeting with a car accident.
Flashback: Saif is the owner of a horse race track. He is SHOWN as an
intelligent person & loves adventure [!?!].His younger brother Akshay
is a drunkard. There is a so called villain in the film. In one such
race, Saif looses his bet because his rival had allegedly bribed
Saif's horse rider to slow down. When Saif sees his rider getting
money from his rival he plants a bomb on his car. The director being
the clever person here, before you think 'why can't he plant the same
on the rival's car?' silences you with a punch dialogue! The story
takes a turn here as Saif meets with an accident.Cut.
Present tense: Till now the film is shown as being narrated by Anil
kapoor [don't ask why he doesn't enter the screen now even though he
is in the cast!].Enter Bipasha, a model and a friend of Saif. Akshay
falls for her. With help from Saif he marries her. Meanwhile there is
Katrina, the secretary of Saif who is trying for him. Another twist-
Akshay and Bipasha were separately trying for Saif's money. Akshay
knowing Bipasha's background asks her to join hands to kill his
brother. They succeed too. Now enters Anil kapoor and Sameera Reddy as
the investigating officers. There is another twist that Katrina is
Saif's wife. Who gets the 100million dollar insurance money of Saif
form the rest of the story?

Be it poor camera angles or clich├ęd dialogues, Race has it all.
Sometimes you feel you are watching a south Indian film on hearing
those punch dialogues. Skin show seems to be forced in.
The characters of Anil and Sameera resemble that of the officers who
come in the Tamil film Aburva Sagotharargal. Emotions take a burner here especially in the scene where Bipasha seduces Saif. These
flaws eventually hide the poor acting of Katrina and Akshay's poor wig
selection. Only Anil, Saif and the hot cars makes the film viewable.

Summing up, if you are ready to leave your brain outside you will
simply enjoy the film.

Verdit: comedy of the unintentional kind!


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