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This was published in Nxg - The Hindu

Director: Subash Ghai
Cast: Salman, Anil, Katrina, Zayed

From the time the title shows the name A.R.Rahman till the end where he makes a small appearance; its Rahman's film all way. He enchants us through out with his brilliant songs and impeccable background score. But sadly the film is only an assemblage of mesmerizing tunes with poorly conceived story backed by very bad screenplay and editing; mainly in the second half.

It's accepted that Subash Ghai has tried a musical here but it's so over the top and clich├ęd with pointless scenes thrown in, making the film sink deep. Though the witty dialogues does make us laugh and forget the atrocities that is being screened; the film doesn't work on the whole.

Story wise the film is about an arrogant Devan(Salman) and spoiled brat Shanu(Zayed) scheming to get their deceased father's fortune from their autistic music-genius brother Gyanesh played sincerely by Anil.

Apart from few fiery dialogues the two brothers exchange, there seems to be no plan what so ever. To top it the attorney played by Mittun is irritating; so are the family members of the brothers. While Zayed's role is poorly written, Salman doesn't make use of a great opportunity. Two people who make the film passable (apart from Rahman) are Anil and Katrina; the latter attracting us with her god sent beauty with convincing acting and former with his antics though it gets over the top at times. Look out for the scenes where Anil sings: commendable enacting.

A film worth the watch for Rahman fans and a big no for everyone else.
Rating: 2/5


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