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Director: A.R.Murgadass

Tale of redemption is not new to Indian viewers, but Murugadass strikes gold by flavouring the age old tale with the idea showcased marvelously in Memento.

Sanjay (Aamir) a business tycoon takes the path of revenge after his lover is brutally murdered. With only the name Ghajni as a clue, how Sanjay, now suffering from short term memory loss avenges the dead of his dearest forms the crux of the movie.

Ghajini which begins as a tale of revenge shifts to romantic comedy and finally ends in typical filmy style with Aamir removing the rod with which he was stabbed in his stomach, after killing the antagonist and walking alive.

The balance between realism and fantasy is maintained nicely in the action sequences while Ravi Chandran with his measured lighting creates magic. Antony deserves credit for not letting the movie sag one bit. Except some sequences Rahman elevates the movie with his background score and soundtrack.

Aamir gets into the skin of the character of a person suffering from short term memory loss; his expressions in the beginning few sequences of the movie is testimony to the anger and pain the character has within, yet he slips a bit when he plays the youthful business tycoon when compared to the tamil version. Asin reprising the character she perfected in the tamil version is not as bubbly as she was then, yet she shines.

Pace is the main asset of this revenge saga leaving the viewers no time to question the flaws, yet for a script which was modified to pump in more logic there are many a sequences which will irk, like when a person who can't remember anything after 15 minutes is shown as breaking down after reading two complete diaries.  Watch it only for its entertainment value. 
Verdict: 3 ½ / 5 stars


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