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Enervation Vs Vijay

A peak at the so called energy of Vijay with reference to Sura. It’s May day, a day dedicated to all the people who work. Logically it only caters to people who sweat it out, but let’s be more reasonable: everyone who works deserves recognition. On this day I witnessed the work of a person who is been working non-stop for 18 years. He has reached his 50th film which released yesterday amidst great expectations, as people want to catch the last formalistic film from Vijay. All these years it baffled me that how can a person be so mechanical and be so absorbed in doing the same thing again and again. It’s like how we people go about our 8-8 work in air conditioned room where all the parameters are conditioned to not let us deviate from unanimity. I used to console myself that each work has its own twists and turns which makes it interesting (while challenging too). But then we get the chance to procrastinate and also experience those days where we don’t do any work, yet when the vigor co…