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Enervation Vs Vijay

A peak at the so called energy of Vijay with reference to Sura.

It’s May day, a day dedicated to all the people who work. Logically it only caters to people who sweat it out, but let’s be more reasonable: everyone who works deserves recognition. On this day I witnessed the work of a person who is been working non-stop for 18 years. He has reached his 50th film which released yesterday amidst great expectations, as people want to catch the last formalistic film from Vijay. All these years it baffled me that how can a person be so mechanical and be so absorbed in doing the same thing again and again. It’s like how we people go about our 8-8 work in air conditioned room where all the parameters are conditioned to not let us deviate from unanimity. I used to console myself that each work has its own twists and turns which makes it interesting (while challenging too). But then we get the chance to procrastinate and also experience those days where we don’t do any work, yet when the vigor comes back, we with the renewed charge get back at the lost time making sure the end product doesn’t get affected. These actors what with each move of their hair being exposed extensively can’t easily escape like us. Flops after flops, hits after hits, but nothing changed the zeal inside him for he knew it is where he belongs and it is what he knows. Like the advice he gives to his people in this movie, he knows he can’t back out just because he failed. When Vettaikaran came I was shocked: not because of the quality of work that was showcased, but the energy of Vijay: he looked enervated.We can’t blame him you know, for this Lion had to face enemies single handedly. After seeing Sura I can’t shake off the fact that boredom has hit him finally. From the high pitched punch dialogues to funny lines (intended to be) when MOUTHED by him it only came off as a formality; a way to pass the 2 ½ hrs of screen time. His disinterest scaled to greater heights when he just lands in the screen in his Audi, where he plays a fisherman. As a proof of the unquestioned stupidity that he supports, he tells his mother in the film that he will tell how he came in a car later. Disinterest being the main hamper, he even gets irritated at certain scenes (the suicide scenes of Tammanah, who seems to have caught in this net) and starts shouting at people around him. It looked as if he has lost it for these kinda roles and he desperately wants a change – my view attested by him in the audio launch of this film.

What ever criticism that surrounds him, no one can deny that, he has his own way at dance. He breathes dance with every movement coming as casually with no frills attached like how he sleep walks his ROLE (no S) in numerous boring films. After witnessing five songs, I can only get back to my wild streak of imagination where Vijay was forced to sign this film against his will; he not able to stand up against them succumbed to their demand; but on the day before the release Vijay had the last laugh by making sure his 50th film is a damn-squib which even he can’t watch, reinstating the fact that good or bad, his free will is what that matters – A hero is born – THE END. But I was cast back in to the daymare, where the hero AGAIN raises from the ashes; AGAIN takes THE WALK followed by people – oh God. No! Not him, especially after the church sequence with Radha Ravi as priest – I lost faith!

My last hope was the action sequence. The tie, the round hat, the flying coat and what not to turn people off: all came in a fight sequence (the poor taste in costumes was like the bgm sticking everywhere, blinding my eyes). Direction is a very tough task, where you need to make sure what you wanted get done in the exact manner. Be it a plastic bag flying by wind outside your house or a blood stain on the shirt, everything needs to be done as planned. But what was the purpose of an earthmover dancing behind Vijay when he was trying to produce strange moves in air with his tuxedo (? – lol) all in the name of a fight. One thing is for certain, he successfully made sure the sidekicks don’t come near his Audi and only there did the semi-paralyzed Vijay who was moving, sitting in a trolley during songs, made brisk moves. Thankfully he didn’t show off his chest using a V-cut tops inside a coat (Yes he is capable of wearing that combination) which houses the source material for the wigs he allegedly sells in this film.

To increase the head-ache more, came another song. Vijay as usual walks the isle while Tammanah smiles. He starts his robotic movements in no sync to the guitar notes and goes down to the floor. When I thought he has literally gone down and he won’t get up after this in his screen career, he does a move that made me sit up straight. While still in floor, with every push-side, push-side move he grounds me from my high minded criticism. Still not to beat the dust, I look at his work with skepticism. He kicks his leg in front of me after the accurate ankle moves highlighted by the selection of shoes. Yet I don’t budge. When Tammanah does a somersault at the hands of Vijay the crowd gives a faint glimpse of a sound called whistle. Remember the last time you went all force to do something when someone else got the appreciation you deserve? I dono if he heard the audience, but after she does a circus act, he just breaks free and goes wild and wickedly utters the line “kannale kaatede enaku tata” but I could only see him gesturing, “don’t bid good bye to me”. From the cap to the flying tuxedo everything seems to be fitting now perfectly. The way Tammanah’s (in a chick skin hugging outfit) curly hair dances to the beats as she walks towards him, the way he runs towards her and stands close and with wonderful editing we cut close without any strain to our eyes and he puts a coolers while delivering a punch – I finally saw a portion of what I paid to watch. When he pushed the end of his coat back and screams “am a glimmering star” as the biggest star – Sun looks at him, while the crowd went berserk by then, am rest assured he hasn’t lost it as I assumed.


Sindu said…
Lol. You are right about a lot of things.

I watched this (movie ?!!) last night and I am still not out of wondering whether it was just a nightmare or they really made that crap. I initially intended to write a review but having watched it left me dumbstruck! I really have no words. They have made a mockery of the reputation of an art called movie making and a bigger mockery of people who spend money and come to theatres with some expectation. He has demeaned his own self-respect and also the self-respect of the countless number of mindless young men who think he is God and the trust they have in him. He could have atleast thought of them that they deserved better. I realize how angry I feel about this movie as I type my comment here.

It definitely looks like they did this movie for the heck of it... but what is that 'it' is what I dont understand. I could see a lot of political aspirations in the dialogues and characterization. Fine! he wants to make a movie tagging him as a potential hero for doing good in politics but why choose your 50th movie for that? Hello, come on! it is supposed to be some land mark in your career history!

It was the most horrible, low-grade, under-quality nonsense I have seen in a lot of years!
ranjini said…
no comments... the above one says it all :)

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