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Muthazhagu Vs Zoya

As the powerful role of Zoya (Ishaqzaade) is becoming the talk of the town, a brief analogy between Zoya & Muthazhagu (Paruthiveeran).

Ishaqzaade is probably the most women centric film to have come out from the commercial stable.  Similar to how people associate good cinematography with flashy - oscillating shots that stands outside of the film rather than be integrated to it, women centric roles are recognized only when the protagonist bring about violence is screen. Muthazhagu (in Paruthiveeran) was recognized as a great women centric role not because that the character stood up to Paruthi in the aftermath of the interval block, but for the climactic battle & the vehement tenaciousness it portrayed to signify the love for Paruthi in the confrontation scene between Muthazhagu & her parents. Yet here is a film (and a role) which doesn’t go over the top to emphasize the stubbornness of Zoya.
Baring the opening block that acts merely as a gimmick, Zoya like any women of today…

Message my brain? No thanks boss

The other day I was watching Raging bull because I was told it is one of America’s finest films.  Aside from the ideology which has been inculcated in our system that anything American is of superior quality, I was interested to see some serious drama for a change. Yes, after finishing entire 5 seasons of BBT in a week I did want a change in mood.  The beauty of a serious movie is that it invokes numerous emotions inside you. For example, when I watch The Dark Knight, I ponder over the thin line that separates morality & justice and while at it, I mull over the threshold for resistance in each man.
So, to be honest I did have expectations when I sat to watch Raging bull. As most of you would know, the movie is about the downfall of a boxer. The protagonist being a fickle minded person, most of the scenes that involve him with others, come off as a fire cracker. While I thoroughly enjoying the erratic behavior of the lead, I realized how I was drawn into the character irrespective …


There is a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. Do you want to know a little secret about it? It doesn’t come out of the blue like you think. It grows around you whilst your dismal senses choose to turn blind eye over it. And before you know, the silent grumbling would have become an insurrection, encircling you.
Intrigued Mr. Wayne? Because there is an inscrutable beauty to the storm.
It’s an agent of chaos. You won't have time to think. You could run, but you won’t have any place to hide. You will think what wrong I did other than using everything that was under my disposal, to suffer the wrath. You would feel it’s better to give up everything and die under its hands. But do you really know the beauty of a storm? It strikes at the backbone of your society, tearing you apart, making you battered, yet leaving you alive fighting to find a ray of hope.
You think you could be that ray of hope? Do you think you could fight the storm? With all your valor do you really think you could succeed he…