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There is a storm coming, Mr. Wayne.
Do you want to know a little secret about it? It doesn’t come out of the blue like you think. It grows around you whilst your dismal senses choose to turn blind eye over it. And before you know, the silent grumbling would have become an insurrection, encircling you.

Intrigued Mr. Wayne? Because there is an inscrutable beauty to the storm.
It’s an agent of chaos. You won't have time to think. You could run, but you won’t have any place to hide. You will think what wrong I did other than using everything that was under my disposal, to suffer the wrath. You would feel it’s better to give up everything and die under its hands. But do you really know the beauty of a storm? It strikes at the backbone of your society, tearing you apart, making you battered, yet leaving you alive fighting to find a ray of hope.

You think you could be that ray of hope? Do you think you could fight the storm? With all your valor do you really think you could succeed here? It is the storm, Mr. Wayne. It is the power of the crumbled world pouncing on what is left, to make it all even. It is the order of the nature. A single ray of light cannot outshine the darkness. But then, would that stop you from trying? I wonder how far it should go, till you give in, till you lose your morality, till your sense of righteousness gets pulverized. How long will it take to see fear in the caped crusader’s watchful eyes? Or am I seeing it right now?

My eyes show what the mind feels. Right now there is so much anger & pain inside of me that I fear all your nine lives will end up being filled with nothing but despair. You hatred for me and what I stand for, fuels every move of mine to do the right thing that people like you don’t have the courage to do.

Seriously, why do you keep doing this? Why do you want to be hero? You have given them everything they deserve. You don’t owe these people any more. They have had their chance till they chased you down.

It isn’t about what they deserve; it’s about what they need. I owe this and everything for that. But, I am not the hero in a search to regain pride & glory. I am not the ray of hope in the darkness that is to come. I am a silent guardian who protects the darkness from scums like you; I am the Dark Knight.


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