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Satham Podathey

what can i say to vasanth? should i applaud him for daring to go differently or criticize him for not doing his home work?.

here goes the story. padmapriya is married to nitin sathya. later its revealed to her through naseer he is addicted to alcohol n is undergoin treatment for it, n due to alcohol he becomes they adopt a child.but nitin becomes insecure and develops inferiority complex. this leads to harassment.after divorce padma's bro's friend prthiviraj sees and after few deliberation she gives in they end up in wedlock. the possessive nitin knows of this and takes revenge by kidnaping her. she keeps her in a sound proof room[?] as house arrest whilst prithviraj is doin the last rituals for her. rest of the movie revolves around how he gets his love back.

to be open with i donno what was in vasanth's mind when he started directing the movie? he has done a great job with the screenplay n all the scenes : each frame looks so beautiful and engrossing in paper but he couldn't translate it into celluloid is a fact he has to accept. known for his catchy dialogues, vasanth has let the audience down. he is not able to fix his mind on what style of dialogue writing he is gonna adapt for this movie. end result most of the time the dialogues bring out laughter for all the serious scenes and irritates us wid the poor jokes prithiviraj cooks up. what was the need for including that comedy track[?] in a serious thriller?
the most important aspect in making a thriller is depictin the inner emotions of the characters, what are they going through, how they are view the surroundings.. sadly the most thrilling scenes loses its effect coz of poor angles. cinematography is not only abt oscillating the camera; going for extra zooms and jumpy shots.coming to editing part what was the editor doing during the scene where prithiviraj and padmapriya are walkin along the seashore? does jumping of frames and constant switching of angle enhance a scene like tht?? the whole essence is completely lost. the choreography is so normal that i personally feel such wonderful tunes have gone waste. and what is vasanth's obsession over the sea?? in his every other film does he need to introduce his hero with water as backdrop? and why is nithin speaking just like the director? he not just speaks he emotes, pronounces, intonates just like vasanth. if he wants 2 raise high he should introduce his own style into it. in the film every1 keeps emphasizing the room where padmapriya is kept is sound proof. now y did the antagonist forget to seal the waste water outlet? if the directors argument this is a real life story and this is wat happened then he shouldnt have highlighted abt the nature of the room so much as to display a major flaw like this.
the script demands more concentration on the character of nitin and his emotion passage. glamorizing him as a cunning psycho at large doesnt work here. trying to show prithiviraj as some smart n calculative guy rather than as an intelligent guy is not so helping either.sadly the director also tries to emulate his godfather's style of makin which also adds to the deja vu experience.

on the positive side u dont feel the movie saggin at any part. the way the scenes tht lead to a very different climax have to be praised. the hero striking back using his quick thinking rather than using his brawn is somethin not often seen in tamil cinema. the lightings for the sound proof room needs special mention. the tones adds flavour to the thriller. all the characters are portrayed wid perfection tht u feel they are living the character. vasanth shows his touch in most of the scenes like when nithin jumps 4rm lamp post to threaten his wife, whn he persuades her to not leave him, to name a few. the director has tried to show woman freedom and has largely succeeded in it. apart from that he has tried to put some more messages as sub plot is encouraging. and the biggest plus point and also the sole selling point for the movie is yuvan's enchanting score and his haunting background score. he wid the company of h.sridhar proves again tht he is best at scorin background music for thriller based movies.

on the whole though not upto his mark vasanth has attempted to make an honest movie is praise worthy.Satham Podathey is an engrossing movie if u leave ur mind which has already seen similar movies outside the movie hall.

rating: 2.5/5


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