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a welcome change from the so called psycho-thrillers n horror movies which end up being pathetic.
sivi shows tamil film's so called talented directors how to handle a thriller. this debutant has taken a tested path of ghost movies n handled wid care.

the movie revolves around 3 characters krishna, sona and nandhini... krishna-a photograher n sona are lovers. while returnin home from a party in car they hit a girl. fearing the consequences they leave the spot. later krishna while takin pictures in a programme finds out all d pics have some strange white shades... after few incidents the lead pair realizes some paranormal presence. whn they go after the clues given by the ghost ;secrets of the past of krishna is revealed n the rest of the story revolves around how krishna's past troubles the 3 peoples life n how he faces it.

freshness is seen in most of the frames and the main credit goes to the cinematographer. if one says he/she was scared seein this film its because of the angles and lightings.they are so perfect for each scenes tht u feel everything is opening in front of u. one of the finest editing work seen in recent times has helped d movie to sustain the pace.the major highlight of the movie is dharan the music director. he has completely understood what his work is and has delivered big time. each scene is handled so wonderfully and special mention is to be given for the surprising justifies the title of the movie n one cant stop lauding 4 tht title.though this is a remake of a thai film named shutter not even in a single scene do u feel of the positive aspect of the movie is there is no hero r heroine here just 3 lead characters n they are portrayed as how youngsters lead their life widout any censoring of facts. another highlight is the innovative use of camera as a tool in the film. its almost a character.the director has resorted to comedy using the ghost is a welcome digression ,sad tht he didnt use it more.

on the flip side few scenes go overboard in logic n also brings along a cliche tag to it. in which college do u see students going to library wid beer? n in which part of tamil nadu do v see girls wearing such exposing clothes? how could a still photographer be able 2 lead such a costly life?y does the couple always travel at night? y do they show the ghosts mainly at night?

flaws apart the director has aimed at scaring people to[yes! its 'to' not 'outa' ] movie hall n he has succeeded fair n square. Ram Gopal Varma do watchout for this guy!

rating: 3/5


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