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7aum Arivu

Director: A.R.Murugadoss

With a title like 7aum Arivu (7th sense) if you thought the movie is going to be insanely smart. You are partly correct: it is insane, although it is not bad.

A film is a piece of art that captures your imagination and holds you in its control till you are watching it and even beyond it at times. It need not have logic to convince you, but it should create a perception of having logic. In plan words, the film should make sense even in its craziest moments. But in order to make sense some writers forgo the novelty and freshness in approach that is needed to grab the attention of the audience. If a film can do away with these two perils any movie can connect with its target audience regardless of what the writer tries to convey.

7aum arivu is one such movie that was marketed to be made with the same intent, that of creating a perception of logic without forgoing the novelty and fun part. But till intermission one couldn’t find enough interesting material to be captivated or for that matter stay connected to the happenings. Starting with the poorly researched documentary on Bhodhi Darman, to the unromantic couple, to Chinese villain who hypnotize people with a mere glance for a fleeting moment akin to Imperius curse, till the well-intended tamil patriotism, the events that play out till the intermission cries for want of creativity and freshness.

But on the flip side as the film gets into its groove, as one accommodates to the mumbo jumbo of the chinese and Bhodhi Darma, as one buys into the research of Sobha (Sruthi Hasan),  the movie drags you back into the happenings as the cat and mouse chase begins. This chase, that runs the entire length of the second half, fitting into the shoe of a well-executed commercial caper, is the saving grace of the film which otherwise is bland. 

At best, 7aum Arivu should only be seen as a film that acts as a reminder for what we (tamizhians) were and not as a piece of art.


Sindu said…
Crisp and to-the-point review. Nice but would love to have more elaborate ones from you, probably analyzing a few more facets of the movie - acting, characterization, certain scenes etc.

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