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harry potter and the order of phoenix

well... am startin my bog wid a grant movie!!
widout wastin time lets get straight into the job...

its the 5th movie of the series great expectations hype..hoopla....
and every1 is havin d same ques in their minds!!???
is d movie good.... i give u 2 ans 4 this..
good n bad...
now ppl can think i have gone nuts...
but its d ans which most of d renowned critics through out ll accept wid me...
the greatest strength of this movie is ppl who havent read the book not only r awed by it[tht happened even in d past!!]but also understands it... n thts d greatest weekness also...coz in order 2 make d movie simpler n visually stunnin n captivatin n so on... they have missed some very important things.

now to d main story...
harry is attacked by dementors while he has come back 2 privet drive. he faces disciplinary action 4 usin magic in d presence of a muggle[non magical ppl]...after great deliberation he comes out clean wid help 4rm dumbeldore who mysteriously not makin eye contact wid harry... he also comes 2 know of a certain order of the phoenix which was formed 2 fight against the dark lord... after he comes back 2 school his new defence against dark arts teacher umbridge gives him a hard time.bein a ministry representative she constanly makes sure his frequent plead 4 ppl 2 believe tht lord voldemort has return be fallen on deaf ears...harry then forms a defence academy 2 teach countering of dark spells as they hardly get 2 use their wands in class... whilst harry also moves close 2 choe chang n they even end up lip lockin.... after few turn of events their academy is found out n they being punished... amidst all this harry also keeps gettin dreams of voldemort his thoughts n also sees wat he sees n does...little does he realise tht its all a trick 2 woe him into his trap... the reason 4 the lord 2 do this is he wants a prophecy about him n harry kept in dept. of mysteries in d ministry by which he could gain knowledge of the link between them.
harry thinkin his godfather is bein held captive by d dark lord comes 2 d ministry wid his dumbeldore army friends. the rest of d climax is how he battles against d death eaters n voldemort n comes out clean.. in the process he loses his godfather though...

the biggest appreciation i should shower is 2 the screenplay writter who has been able 2 compress the 700+pg book into d shortest film of the is the visual effects team n the cg team..actin wise daniel has improved a lot is an understatement... but tht cant be said of the other 2 main protagonists.. especially emma watson... the main highlight is umbridge played by
imelda staunton. she brings to life the sinister teachers v had in our school days.on the downslide the movie is slow on various occasions. n one cannot stop thinkin abt the minute details tht used 2 come in d book which have no trace in the movie. the emotional travellin of harry his anger his longin 4 love were depicted rather intelligently, especially the scene where harry speaks abt his 1st kiss is a cult. the major minus point of the movie is the depictin of fred n george's escape 4rm hogwards.... its the best example i could tell u 4 poor imagination. even the climax spell fightin is not far behind. though it starts of well n great camera works it soo short lived n just gimick not magic!!!

many changes were made 4rm d book but its a welcome change as this movie has set a standard 4 harry potter movie series 2 be a mere adaption rather than a page by page depiction.

on the whole the movie is a great entertainer 4 d ppl whole knows d harry potter world n also who doesnt!!

rating: 3/5


naveen said…
why don u start a blog rather than startin a BOG! :-p
Mayda said…
Thanks for writing this.

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