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Director: Susi Ganesan
Cast: Vikram, Shriya

Apart from good screenplay- a super hero movie needs a great build-up for the hero entry and then slowly with the power of deception, terrorize the enemy and bring a smile in our face which should widen as the hero displays his master stroke of appearance; a stylish movie demands great camera angles with rich colour tones, glamorous heroine dancing her way into our heart, exotic locations, a stud who is the epitome of trend; a Robin Hood movie should offer a clever and cunning hero with a completely contrast alias, a moving circumstance to be an outlaw, an intelligent officer to nail him down and finally a social message; a masala movie need a heroine exposing every time she appears on screen, an item number, few lines praising the hero, gravity defying fights, cantankerous comedy track and sentimental scenes.

I guess Susi started off with a Robinhood script, digressed into other subjects and concocted a dish with the weakest ingredients from them all in poor ratio, making this movie to not even become a collection of well executed set-pieces. Hence, what we see on screen is a drama troupe, whose members become big officers and stage a poorly executed incarnation drama to bring back Indian money locked abroad to use them for adopting villages, with their super cool (wannabe) (fe)male protagonist depicting himself as a multi-millionaire(but only a CBI officer) in day and a cock at night which sings while fighting crime, all because there is a far-fetched relation between his friend’s hand being cut and poverty; all in the name of God.

In the name of sleekness, Susi shuttles with different tones for filming, changes the hero’s dress from casuals to blazer before his execution, ultra-modernizes CBI and never let important scenes to linger in our minds in the name of fast paced editing.

One feels bad for Vikram, the only good the film offers. Every time he gives a menacing smile we feel his cry to save the film.

Verdict: 1/5 Stars


Anonymous said…
I have not watched the movie yet, but it seems to me that your review aptly sums up every comment and feedback that I received from people around me. Keep up the good work.
mr.weirdo!! said…
i hope their weren't much grammer errors here - i feel d 2nd paragraph ll be confusing for many as its just 1 sentence with a big link.
Anonymous said…
No there were not. And yes, the second paragraph was lengthy, but it was not very confusing. By the way, what about your other blog? I see you have not written any stories there.
mr.weirdo!! said…
what to do ... not able to find time...should write though... but do check out my other blog : life-n-coda
ranjini said…
hey.... good one :) terse and to the point
mr.weirdo!! said…
thanks ranj :)sticking to 300+ words is tough.. but the end results is always beautiful accord to me :)

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