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Director: Vishal Baradwaj

This dedication to yore with its engaging as well as tiring allusion to the yesteryear is a winner from the start.

The story is about two brothers who want to step out of their bourgeois life and accrete into the riches in their own contrasting way. Circumstances change their future one rainy night, which leads into a bloody battle of smuggling, gang-war and maharastrian language politics. Shahid plays the twins who are a mixture of callowness and callus in different ratios with their own speech problems, in his carrier best performance in this dark comedy-action drama. Having taken a typical bollywood masala plot, Vishal fills the screenplay with an overdose of cinematic depiction allover – be it the Charlie’s dream or him running like a horse race. He also employs witty conversations which takes a toil on so many topics which sometimes get overly multi layered that it becomes esoteric for the people who comes in for entertainment from this enormously packed 2 hour film.

Every character has been given a sub-plot all concatenated in this straight forward screenplay which itself is a great leap from the mainstream cinema. These characters also have different dialects and sometimes languages for them and priyanka excels here.

Vishal has extracted the best from his artist and technicians alike. Gulzar’s words enchant us and take us back to the 70s when it needs to with apt tunes by VIshal and effective background score which rings tan de tan in our ears, while the cinematography captures the vision of the director with artistic style with good aid from the editing department.

Even with its quibbles Kaminey stands out from the rest for its originality as well as inspired usage of screenplay techniques making it a class apart, opening up a next genre for classy masala films.


Anonymous said…
I have been following your reviews for some time. Though your reviews are reliable, your english is not. Kindly take this as constructive criticism. You need to improve a lot in your spellings and grammar. Your last two reviews namely Harry Potter and Kaminey show usage of tough words for the grand effect. If that was the purpose of using those words then it has not been achieved. Your writing appears fake and wannabe. It is funny to see you copying down big words from the dictionary, while going wrong in simple words like sheer and career and making basic grammatical mistakes. Kindly avoid that. All said your writing is very good. Keep improving. Best of luck!
mr.weirdo!! said…
thank you for noting that... i was in half mind while writing for these two movies... n dont worry-i dont use dictonary n all... just preparing for few exams so happen to know these words n like a kid wanted to show off what i know. if u had read kandasamy's review u ll know i have balanced it. but grammer ya...
workhard said…
Yeah.. from what i heard from ppl and read reviews.. heard this movie is pretty good...

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mr.weirdo!! said…
@WORK HARD: its fun i wont say pretty good....

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