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With a triangular love story (not again!) at hand, Aarya-2 could have been easily classified as a run of the mill movie. But what sets it apart is the way Sukumar captures the star presence and showcases it with his witty narration. In one particular scene, Aarya (Allu Arjun) has just sweet-talked a villainous fianc√© of Geetha (Kajal Agarwal) into helping them and as the four elope in a car, Geetha sneezes; immediately three hands with kerchief emerge evoking laughter in an unexpected way over the turn of events. 

For starters, Aarya-2 is not another episode in Aarya, Ajay and Geetha’s life. It’s about people like Aarya, Ajay and Geetha who go through the same things like in Aarya the film. While Aarya now is a calculative selfless person (oh yes, those two traits can exist together!), Geetha and Ajay essay the same role of innocent girl torn between two guys and brainless loser respectively.
With such contrasting traits, its Aarya, whose unconventional “striking like a thunderbolt” schemes and reactions to each situation (sometimes just for the sake of creating a comedy and at times pleasantly surprising) that works for the better of the movie, which otherwise could have been a boredom had it been amateurishly handled by Sukumar & Allu Arjun. From a rowdy friend - to Mr. Perfect - to an obsessive lover & friend on the nayward side - to a true friend who is torn between self need & sacrifice, Aarya’s character (akin to Ravi Teja’s Kick) has all that Bunny needs to make his female fanatics keep whistling throughout the movie. What with difficult dance movements being displayed at √©lan and grace truly interspersed with the situation; like when Aarya sees Geetha’s picture with a miscreant whom he had just bashed with unreal flare like a true hero should, jumps into air and into a song making the audience howl in frenzy as he dances his way while taking the stairs.
When all these are occupying our mind, who has time to think as to why should Aarya uses a ghost like car to beat everyone or why the compulsive friendship of Aarya towards Ajay is hackneyed or why … oh sorry I forgot the flaws.


workhard said…
The movie is not that great.. ok to watch it one time

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