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Nadunisi Naaygal

Director: Gautham Vasudev Menon

How many times as a kid, have you stood in glee with a piece of scribbled paper in front of your parents/people you looked up to? The satisfaction that you would have felt in your face comes from the gratification in producing something straight from your heart. But are products that come out of passion (at whim though) good? Certainly not. Quality can be an act of luck which clicks for you or the area where you ventured would have been something that you are naturally gifted at. But when things fail to please; especially when it comes from your heart, it only means you have been lackadaisical in not rethinking against the flow. In films we can term that as sluggish writing. But isn’t that too harsh a word for something that was approached with so much gusto? Will you break the news like that when your kid shows you an incompetent work? You tell them to work on it and improve the substance. Gautham the kid here, unsure as he honestly accepts, has brought to an elite few his new piece of paper wanting to get his feedback and move ahead in his creative venture.

To be honest Gautham, you seem to be in a dearth of ideas pertaining to psycho thriller (??). At this moment a sincere fan that you are, you have tried to recreate the magic which enchanted you; akin to how a small kid tries to draw superman/action hero pictures to extend his stay in that world. Widen your horizon, strengthen your base, go back to the roots, its up to you – but come armed with a better film next time around. Unlike Sukanya (Sameera) we do want to see your vetted weapons. 


Sindu said…
:) Nice. I agree.
archana said…
Harish: I have a question for u! But how far do you believe in standing " rethinking against the flow" as you stated? I would love to have some instances from your point of view!
mr.weirdo!! said…
@ archana: hmmm ... see when we are tapping our creative mind a lot of things comes to us in the flow. But not all are good/coherent. They maybe flickering thoughts of ingenuousness. Would it come out good if we show it without moulding those thoughts? i certainly don't believe so. So its needed to look back at what you thought - rethinking against the flow.

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