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Director: Suraj

It was not a race; there weren’t any freebees distributed, though it's the election season; there weren’t any celebrities spotted in the vicinity; yet people made beeline for the exit.

As Vivek, Danush & the team of Maaplillai bombarded us with PJ after PJ clubbed together with sentiment & action sequences, which even TR will squirm at, I was dozing off in my seat. I woke up to a heavy blow on my knees. Opening my eyes, I saw a sexagenarian running past me which I thought was to attend his call of nature: how wrong I was! As he opened the door, he let in a sense of awakening amongst the inmates. What followed was a mad rush to be freed.

The ‘unknown Anna Hazare' has shown us the path: a generation has awoken to protest against these haphazard films.

It was a proud moment, a feeling of patriotism gushing towards the only source of entertainment I have had, as I witnessed a radical change in approach to film viewing. It was like yesterday when the whole hall was arrested to the seat, entombed inside, till the end of Sura. How things have changed since then. Are we the same people that lapped up crass movies like Siruthai, Singam Puli? As I came out to join the crowd, a wave of intelligence swept me off my feet. Have we finally displayed people power, showing the middle fingers to these meddling fools who take us for granted while making such films? The future will answer. For now let’s cherish the happiness for having a good start to this long battle.


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