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Director: Antony D' Souza

As the piano strikes the majestic sound of jazz backed by Shreya and Sonu which swiftly changes to western classic ala Arabian nights which was about the mysteries of the land of no water, A.R.Rahman introduces us to the depth of the blue ocean, the similarity being that, both explores treasure, by which one might mistake this to be a riveting experience and sure it promised to be at the initial few scenes when Akshay sleep-swimmingly fights a shark and then makes fun of Sanjay for his over-weight and lazy approach to this role (which even in anyone’s dream he never fits) while boxing, Zayed ACTING like a pro aided by wonderful camera work backed by stupendous bgm races his bike to victory, and Lara clad in a two-piece bikini in her most glamourous self scorches the screen. But things get boring after Lara gets intimate with her grand-pa boy friend suggesting the other meaning for the title to be indeed true, Akshay still sleep-swimming and rambling just lines without punches and Zayed keeps a somber face for the loss of the love of his life who he met for just 2 mins. Things get even boring with the repeated scary face of Sanjay when ever “lady in blue” is mentioned, Akshay still rambling silly lines about kismat & will and Zayed still crying. When Rahul Dev enters and tries to attack our Bhai with his daughter like gf at his house, in the name of breakthrough technique in camera, makes the two teams fire their guns at the sides when they are standing behind each other which makes Bhai to loose his gf and reveal the tragic story of his father who died because his son literally and figuratively hit the bucket. After consoling the weak heart they map their way with the help of a song, to the treasure trove surrounded by sharks which incidentally are typical Indian side-artists in a masala hindi film who are just there to on-look the happenings (well here they swim here and there) where they meet the enemy and after the climax like a post climax Akshay drops a secret in the name of plan B with the bgm of Fiqraana playing behind and makes us scream OMG!

For dicussion on the music of Blue click here.


Indianautotalk said…
worst movie every ! no claps or laughs at the cinema here in Hk..

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