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Kanden Kadhalai

When Shakthi is shown meeting his ex with a flashback of their relationship following it, we get a glimpse of the “suitability to the native” tool that Kannan is going to use for this remake. While Jab we met was – jab things happens it reveals itself – Kanden Kadhalai is all about seeing is believing – everything said then and there, leaving us dry at the end as we know from the time Gautam (Munna) hides inside the car, Anjali will end up marrying Shakthi. It is as if the director has made up his mind that tamil audience’s intelligence is not adept enough to handle the multiple layers of the script Imtiaz had in hand. Where Imtiaz employs sarcasm and subtle emotions or witty dialogues for that matter to handle a situation which made the usual story that JWM was into an intelligent film, Kannan (who did something of that sort with Jayam Kondan) assuming we won’t understand them, adds commercial gimmicks to some of them which even though good only makes the movie an one time watch; or else why should Shakthi fight, why should he let Anjali's brother hit him, Gautam be reduced to an all black character on which Shakthi lights a torch, Anjali have the "train missing" dream symbolising her missing the love of her life, Shakthi have feelings for her from the beginning itself, Anjali instead of answering: Mokkai Raju indeed is a fertile guy and i knows it well; which should have led into a suggestive murkier phase as the camera zooms out, keeps quiet, Shakthi proclaim time and again from the beginning itself for us to understand that she has changed him a lot and what ever his mind set is now (and then later) is all because of her which Aditya only does to make her realise – and yet we only get to see Bharath overacting as a "take it easy" guy (though he shines as an introvert). But Kannan’s descriptive mode does enhance the script, when he shows Shakthi search for her arduously aided by Vidyasagar’s melody while Aditya just finds her out or the way the whole cellphone, from the way the idea springs up in Shakthi’s mind, is handled. He also should be appreciated for invoking the local flavour without being clichéd or artificial; well apart from the leading lady and her cousin. Tamanna, though slips into the role easily and performs commendably, she doesn’t look like a Theni-kari.


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