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When Suseela dies, Dhruvan instead of shedding tears, runs across in all directions to check if any threat still exists while others break down, and then joins them only to remove her shoes; for people alive are more important in war. Welcome to the world of Dhruvan who is leading a silent war to bring the tribal up the ladder of status; a model person who keeps quiet when insulted beyond disgrace and takes up the punishment for the fallacious acquisitions bestowed on him by his caste centric officer, but in a flash kills intruders cold blooded, that too with stealth, methodically. With an extremely high IQ thanks to his exposure to books, he speaks on world politics through the eyes of Karl Marx and many ideologists, the power of working people, internal and international politics, caste preference, farming, life in forest and the behaviour of fauna, physiology and even on advanced weaponry as a matter of factly which can only be answered by his books, as he takes us through the dense forest with five ignorant girls from the parallel world (as chivalrous as possible) whose hormones seems to be working overtime for there interest to shoot men in langottis or speak about sex or walking nude at midnight just for the sake of revenge, evolve into mighty force through the lessons of Dhruvan after hating him for being a lower caste person and teams up with him to literally fight for the nation, for a cause which is threateningly weak.

It's very rare that such screenplay takes the visual form which deals about tribal even though it glorifies them many a times and yet the panache with which Jayam Ravi takes up this character makes us overcome all the flaws, for the script has so many gem of a sequence like when Ravi replies for “we never knew you could speak english well”, “my people don’t understand english and you people don’t like me to speak in english” or the master stroke in the concluding scenes in a very subtle manner establishes the role of authority as Ponvaanan receives all the glories for Ravi’s labour, the main theme of the script.


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